Save screenshots and recordings in a different location

You can enter Split Screen View by hovering your mouse over the green icon at the upper left corner of the application that you wish to have on the other side of the screen. You will see three options: Full Screen, Left Tile Window and Right Tile Window. You can choose the option to the left or the right, then select the app you want to run on the other side. Tap on the green icon in the upper left corner to exit Split Screen View.

You can use the Mac’s default interface without changing anything. However, if you prefer to see a specific image or logo for your files instead of the blue folder or default preview, then you are able to do so. It’s also pretty simple.

Create the image in your preferred image editor. After you have done so, select the image and press Command + C to copy it. Then, right-click on the folder or file macbook pro m2 16inch price in srilanka you wish to alter the icon for and choose ‘Get Info. Press Command + V and select the image preview in the upper left corner of the information card.

You can close Safari tabs from other Apple devices that are signed in with your Apple ID using your Mac. This is useful if, for instance, you’d like to ensure that all tabs on your iPad are closed before giving it to your children. Open Safari, and then tap the Cloud icon next to the Search bar. Safari tabs from any Apple device will be displayed here.

This is a simple but useful tip. Tap on the Sound icon in the menu bar if you are using headphones with your Mac. You can then switch between the headphones and the Mac speakers. Then, you can select the headphones connected to your Mac and choose whether or not to use an input device.

When typing there are simple ways to get special characters. For example, you can hold down the character and see more options. If you wanted to type cafe, for example, you could hold the “e” to access the option with an accent. Also, you can type funny characters like emoji. You don’t need to have a MacBook Pro Touch Bar in order to type emojis.

You will find an Emoji & Symbols option in the Edit menu of an app if it supports this feature. Press the fn button in the lower left corner of the keyboard to see the different symbols. Use the search bar in order to find a specific character symbol. You can also filter the results by clicking on the rectangle icon at the upper right corner.

Apple saves all screenshots taken on Macs as PNG files. This is not the best option, however, depending on how you plan to use them. Terminal allows you to change the default type of file by writing a code section. It’s really not that scary.

Terminal can be found by using Spotlight. You’ll then want to type ‘defaults write type JPG’ and press enter. The effect will be visible once you restart Mac. Type ‘KillAll SystemUIServer and hit enter if you do not want to restart. To revert back to PNG, you’ll need to type ‘defaults write type PNG’ and enter, followed by a restart or ‘KillAll SystemUIServer’ and enter.

Pressing Command + L followed by Command+ C will copy the link instantly, saving you time compared to manually moving your cursor.

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